SonicShack Design Studio

SonicShack Design Studio 1.0

Creates T-shirts that are compatible with the Flash technology
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Provides a virtual studio where users design T-shirts using built-in tools and items. The designer studio can be deployed in minutes after customization is finished.

Add a custom t shirt designer on your website. Give your friend and customers something fun to do on your site. OH, and make a profit doing it! The Sonic Plug-in is an I-frame that can be added to any website, web page or blog. Sonic has the best designer on the web.
SonicShack Members can do it all. As a member you can design products, save them, sell them in our shop and of course purchase them as well. You can also use our plug-ins to put the Sonic designer on your site or feature your shirts on your own website or webpage. So sign up, SonicShack welcomes everyone.

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